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At Unity Legal Management LLP, we provide the following legal services.

Human Rights Tribunal

Empower yourself to defend your rights with our legal services specializing in navigating human rights tribunals. With a steadfast commitment to justice and equality, our expert representation ensures every voice is heard and violations are met with accountability.

Landlord Tenant Board

Gain peace of mind in your rental agreements with our tailored legal services designed for landlord-tenant board proceedings. Whether you're a landlord safeguarding your property or a tenant confronting housing challenges, our dedicated expert team navigates legal intricacies to protect your rights and interests.

Licence Appeal Tribunal

Unlock your path to licensure success with our specialized legal services tailored for the Licensing and Appeals Tribunal. From initial applications to navigating intricate appeals, our experienced team supports clients at every stage, safeguarding their rights and achieving their goals.

Small Claims Court

Navigate small claims court confidently with our expert legal representation by your side. Whether you're a plaintiff seeking damages or a defendant facing allegations, we provide strategic counsel and unwavering support to protect your rights and interests.

Notary Services

Choose our professional notary services to ensure reliable notarizations for all your legal documents. Schedule with us today and experience flexible and seamless services.

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About Unity Legal Management LLP

Unity Legal Management LLP (ULM LLP) stands as a beacon of innovation, empathy, and professionalism in the legal landscape. 

Our firm is committed to redefining the paradigm of legal services, integrating cutting-edge technologies and progressive methodologies to deliver unmatched solutions for our clients. 

With a deeply ingrained sense of empathy, we understand the unique challenges individuals face when navigating the complexities of the legal system. Our team of dedicated professionals approaches each case with compassion and understanding, ensuring that every client feels heard, supported, and empowered throughout their legal journey. 

Backed by years of experience and a steadfast commitment to excellence, we provide expert guidance and representation across a spectrum of legal matters. At ULM LLP, we don't just offer legal services – we forge meaningful partnerships, striving to achieve justice, equity, and success.

Legal Services Legal Team

Meet the team

Our team combines expertise with innovation to optimize legal strategy, find out how we can help you today.

Thomas Hatherly


A tech-savvy paralegal, adept at navigating legal complexities with precision and empathy. Possessing paralegal and notary public qualifications, Thomas seamlessly merges passion for technology with a commitment to upholding legal integrity, forging a unique path in the intersection of law and innovation.

Donald Anderson


Combining extensive business acumen with formidable advocacy skills, Don leverages his experience to champion causes with precision and passion. Holding paralegal and notary public qualifications, Don navigates legal intricacies with finesse, ensuring integrity in every transaction and resolution.

Shashank Roheria

Senior Advisor, Business & Legal

With a wealth of experience in startup ventures, Shashank has honed his leadership skills to navigate uncharted territories with agility and innovation. Holding an MBA degree and an international lawyer license, Shashank brings a global perspective to every endeavour, forging pathways to success in dynamic, competitive landscapes.

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